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How To Stay On Track While Traveling This Season!

The season of traveling is coming… while the holidays can be a joyous time of year it can also derail our healthy routines. Many find it difficult to eat nutritious foods while they’re tr

aveling. It doesn’t help that food options at airports and other travel hubs tend to be fast-food services. Whether you’re catching a flight or preparing for a road trip, having a plan will save you the stress and struggle of hunting for nutritious snacks along the way.

Find a Grocery Store

When visiting a new place, locate the nearest grocery store. Having healthy options and fresh foods available can be a huge help! Healthy options such as fruit, avocados, pecans, dried fruit, olives, peanut butter dark chocolate and beef jerky are easy to keep in your room and can help keep you satisfied while traveling. You’ll save money, have more control over mindful portions, and stay prepared with your routine foods! Utilize that mini fridge and stock with water, fresh berries, protein yogurt, and even olive oil based dressings and salad greens.

Get in That Protein

Fish, seafood, beef and chicken dishes tend to be a little healthier, so try to center the majority of your diet around these protein options with veggies. Fortunately, nearly every culture and country has some amazing methods of cooking these meats, so you won’t have to sacrifice flavor for your waistline. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is super important to keep things moving, if you know what I mean, while traveling. Limiting alcohol to a few nights is also a great way to beat the bloat and not add empty calories. Pack Your Vitamins & Probiotics

Taking your daily supplements and probiotic is key. You can use my code CYF15 for your Seed Symbiotic (THE best probiotic on the market) This will help keep your system on track and immunity up whilst out of your normal routine.

Pack a Workout Fit & Sneakers

Getting in the hotel gym, doing a free YouTube workout (I love Gains By Brains) or going for a run or walk in the morning will start your day off in a positive way and jumpstart your metabolism to ready your for the day.

Don’t Be Too Strict You’re traveling for life experience and to enjoy yourself, so don’t put yourself on a crazy diet regimen and beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it. Cut yourself a little slack and indulge once in awhile! I firmly believe that a little indulgence is part of a healthy diet. As with anything, just be sure there is balance. And have fun!

Plan the Menu!

Staying with family? Help plan the dinners with your specific diet in mind. Bring a few nutritious recipes of your own to share with your loved ones! Eating out? I always check the menu online and plan out what I want to order. A lot of the time I will look at what protein options they have and if there’s a “sides” menu I’ll usually add the vegetables. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, roasted carrots and beets, asparagus, whatever you fancy!

Do all these tips seem pretty obvious? That’s because they are! It’s not that hard to keep yourself full and healthy while on the road. In fact, it’s crucial to make an effort to do so. You’ll need plenty of energy for exploring all the amazing places you’ll be visiting, and it won’t happen on a diet of junk food. If you make the commitment to take care of yourself, everything will fall into place. In Health & Sightseeing, Amanda


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