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Let's Get Hydrated!

Occasionally I'll post products I love, and I found one I just had to share. I've used this product this past week specifically before my Pilates Reformer classes, and I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel during class and in my muscles. If you have ever taken a Reformer class, you know there is intense footwork, calf burning and hamstring strengthening excercises. I was noticing that I was cramping especially in my hamstrings too often and I was missing out on the benefits of the excercise because I had to keep stopping to stretch them out! I knew this was partly because I was activating muscles I don't use all the time, but I also guessed I just wasn't hydrated enough.

Cut to....

Photo Courtesey of Laird Superfood®

Drinking 8 ounces of water and a Tbsp of this before class! I noticed that I was able to do the hamstring excercises without the nasty cramps, and didn't need to reach for water during the cardio class. There is a scientific correlation between muscle cramps and dehydration and the added 72 trace minerals from the aquamin (a marine algae) contribute along with the electrolytes to hydrate the body. This is a way better choice than gatorade, sugary coconut water with unneccessary added sugars, or even pedialyte.

Lets look at the nutrition facts of Gatorade and Hydrate side by side:

On the left we see 2 simple natural ingredients and on the right, sugar, more sugar, salt, words we can't pronounce, More Sodium, More Calories, Less Potassium, More Added Sugar, No Iron, No Magnesium and 2 food dyes....

There are 19 servings in Hydrate for $10.95, for 19 plastic Gatorade bottles it will run you about $60.00!

Try their Orange Guava flavor if you need a little extra zip of flavor! Order here to get a 4 pack for $66.00 with a 10% discount for 76 servings! (76 servings of Gatorade with a daily dose of chemicals - $228)

This is not an ad or sponsored post! I just believe in superior quality products and getting this information out there. Show your body the love it deserves!

Let me know in the comments which flavor you chose and how it's changed your workouts, and hydration.

In Health,



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