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Self-Care Saturday!

I heard this quote the other day, if you don’t choose to take some time for rest, your body will choose it for you. Your body will probably pick an inopportune time, so it’s probably better to get in a self care day sooner than later.

I have been busy managing my business in Illinois, going to school at IIN (hormone advanced course starts in a few weeks!) studying for the boards, and working 2 part time jobs among other things, and I was SPENT. I knew if I didn’t take some time soon I would hit burn out. I did go to yoga this morning. But I’m now resting in bed writing this blog post. Writing is definitely a form of self care for me personally and I love putting healthy ideas together to share!

Here are several ideas for self-care and just plain old rest days around the house!

Take some deep breaths, move your body at a local yoga class or a guided YouTube

Go for a walk alone or with a loved one (pet) in nature, or if in the city, a park.

Bake something!

I am working on a new bread recipe coming soon!

Call a friend, parent or loved one.

Read a fiction book or something for pleasure, outside of work or school.

Tidy up your space, light a candle, some incense or mist some essential oils.

Laundry and change your sheets.

Get in touch with your spiritual side, whatever that means to you

Journal or brain dump some thoughts. Getting things out on paper can ease your mind & help you release some negative thoughts or anxiety.

Water your plants, buy a new plant (my favorite) or plant something!

Grocery shop for the week. Set yourself up for success. Think of some dinner ideas. Think of healthy snacks or lunches to pack for a busy week ahead. This will take some of the guesswork out of your meals for the week. This can prevent that last minute fast food decision on your lunch hour! Oh and you can buy some fresh flowers while you’re there.

Blend a nutritious smoothie.

Do a face mask. Gua sha, ice rolling or using a jade roller on your face has anti-aging and restorative properties.

Get your car washed inside and out so its clean for the weeks ahead

Chill on the sofa with pillows and a snuggly blanket and maybe a pet, drink water or hot tea and catch up on your favorite shows or podcast.

I hope even just one of these sparked an idea that works for you! What are some of your favorite self care activities?

In Health,



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