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Service Description

As a health coach, my discovery calls typically serve as an initial consultation to get to know each other and assess whether my services are a good fit for the client. Here's what I typically cover during the call: Introduction: I will introduce myself and ask about the client's name and basic background information. I may also ask about their current health concerns and what motivated them to seek out a health coach. Goals and expectations: I will ask the client about their health and wellness goals, as well as any expectations they have for working with a coach. This is an opportunity for the client to share what they hope to achieve through coaching and what they're looking for in a coach. Coaching approach: I will explain my coaching approach and philosophy. This can include information on the methods I use, the types of clients I typically work with, and my coaching style. It's also a chance for the client to ask questions and get a better sense of whether my approach aligns with their needs. Logistics: I will discuss logistics such as session frequency, length, and fees. I may also go over any paperwork or assessments that need to be completed before starting coaching. Next steps: At the end of the call, I will summarize what was discussed and offer next steps. This may include scheduling a follow-up call, providing additional resources, or discussing the next steps for starting coaching. Overall, as a health coach, my goal during the discovery call is to answer any questions the client may have, provide information about my approach and services, and determine whether working together is a good fit for both of us.

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San Diego, CA, USA

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