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Essential Oils: Beyond Aromatherapy

When I was first introduced to the use of essential oils about a decade ago, it was in the form of aromatherapy. Nothing more than a simple glass jar filled with water and essential oil, with a bundle of reeds used for diffusion. Needless to say, the vessels we use for aromatherapy now are far more advanced, and they disperse the oil in a much more timely manner. Although aromatherapy is the most popular use of essential oils, they have a multitude of applications that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.


On a nightly basis, I use a blend of purified water and Lavender essential oil to spritz my pillow and my half of the bed. Even if I didn't just wash my sheets, it makes me feel fresh and relaxed when I lift up my covers and am greeted by the soft floral smell. It helps lull me to sleep as well, enveloping my senses in the calming fragrance that Lavender is so well known for.

The scent of Lavender also aids in easing feelings of anxiety, which further contributes to a restful and rejuvenating nights' sleep (which we could all use from time to time). Another fun use for Lavender oil that I've really been jazzed about lately is using it to freshen laundry. I use wool dryer balls in lieu of using dryer sheets, and recently I've taken a liking to putting a few dashes of Lavender oil on my dryer ball to lightly fragrance my clothing and sheets while they're drying.

My favorite daily use for essential oils begins with my skincare. I've been using "DIY" natural methods for beauty for as long as I can remember, and one of the most important parts of my routine is the toner I use for my skin. I use a combination of witch hazel, coconut water, and tea tree oil to help keep my skin clear. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties, and I've noticed that it aids in ridding my skin of any stress-related breakouts that come along. Adding 5-6 drops into my toner mixture makes me feel invigorated and fresh; just be cautious and make sure you properly dilute the oil into your mixtures.

Last, but certainly not least, is probably my favorite way to use essential oils: as a perfume. Once upon a time, I spent ridiculous amounts of money buying luxury fragrances whose scent didn't really charm me and wouldn't linger as long as I preferred. Through trial and error, I found a perfume at an appropriate price point that I became utterly obsessed with; Lust by Lush Cosmetics. It was packaged in a small glass jar and was applied like a balm, and it smelled absolutely heavenly. I quickly fell in love with the heady scent of Jasmine; I wanted to be enrobed in it at all times, and resolved that I would make that happen. After my supply of Lust ran out, I went into my local Sprouts, bought a bottle of Jasmine Absolute and a small roller-ball bottle, and never turned back. By mixing the Jasmine oil with a relatively lightly scented base like almond oil, I had a more user-friendly version of the perfume I had fallen in love with. Lately, I've been taking my love for all things Jasmine to a new level by adding it into my shampoo and conditioning products, so that I truly AM surrounded by that delicious floral scent all day.

Once you know what you like and what works for you, it's fun to get creative! Not to mention the fact that each oil and blend has its own unique set of benefits for your mind and body.





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