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20 Brain Dump Prompts, Trying Morning Pages..

What Are Morning Pages?

Morning pages are a stream-of-consciousness journaling habit done first thing every morning on a daily basis. The idea is to wake up, open your morning journal, and write three pages of longhand of any thoughts that come out of your head. ☀️

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, created this approach to journaling as a way for people to unleash their creativity.

Morning pages enable you to clear your mind. When you wake up, your mind is swimming with thoughts from the previous night. When you write off the top of your head first thing in the morning, the words that spill out onto the blank page will no longer be taking up space in your brain, and you can approach the rest of the day with more clarity.

Morning pages allow you to process emotion. Life can be overwhelming. On top of personal stress, we are bombarded with heavy information in the news. It’s okay to grieve and process these stories giving you the space to do this, freeing your mind from information that can weigh you down and affect your productivity and your life.

Morning pages unleash your creativity. By writing morning pages, you’re establishing a routine that will help you find a way to make time for your creative self.

Stream-of-consciousness writing accesses only what’s on your brain at that moment, leaving no room for self-criticism.

Here are 20 Brain Dump Prompts to get you started with Morning Pages. Ultimately this is a stream of consciousness exercise and the pages should be whatever thoughts you have in that moment. However I find that a couple questions to get you started can help ignite the process if you‘re feeling blocked or are just beginning to add this practice into your morning routine!

1. What are your biggest goals for the month?

2. Can you think of a stressful task in your life that you're avoiding?

3. What will truly make you happy?

4. Is there someone you need to get back to?

5. Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

6. How are you generally feeling at the moment?

7. Are you devoting enough time for self care?

8. Where do you want to be a year from now?

9. Do you have any regrets?

10. What new or current hobbies are you most interested in and why?

11. Do you have any work projects you want to start?

12. Did you go through a recent life change?

13. When was the last time you cleared your inbox?

14. Are there any projects you need to get done at home?

15. What do you need to let go of?

16. How can you best organize your upcoming appointments?

17. What does your daily routine look like?

18. Have you congratulated yourself for achievements lately?

19. Do you need to start planning a big event, like a family get together, wedding or party?

20. Are you spending enough time offline?

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